Why choose Unlimited Used Auto Parts of Orlando Florida

  • No Walk-In Fee
  • #1 Choice For Dealers
  • All of our parts undergo a rigorous inspection before we sell them to the public
  • Since 1991
  • We conveniently have 2 locations both within a half mile of each other
  • $SAVINGS$ UP TO 200% on used auto parts by buying directly from the source
  • Unlimited Used Auto Parts Is Your Direct source when you need that OEM used auto part and best of all there's no middleman.

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Unlimited Used Auto Parts Of Orlando Florida is your #1 stop for foreign, domestic and europian we also sell used auto parts from other auto brands. We have one of the largest inventories of used auto parts serving all of central Florida including Orlando and surrounding areas. With 2 locations conveniently located within a half mile of each other. One thing were most proud of unlike other used auto part stores throughout the Orlando area is were constantly getting 100's of used auto parts on a daily basis this helps get our inventory FRESH. How is that possible you ask, well one of the reason were always getting FRESH used auto parts is because we're also the #1 choice when people are looking to sell their unwanted vehicle in many situations these vehicles aren't running but usually after inspection we find that many of these unwanted vehicles still have parts that can be resold, but before we sell them to the general public each part undergoes a rigorous inspection so you can have a pieace of mind knowing the used auto part your buying from us will be in working condition and that's also another reaon why were the #1 choice for dealers when buying used auto parts.

Many used auto parts store here in Orlando are middlemen, what that means is that there buying that used auto part from someone like us at a much cheaper price and raises the price of that used auto part to make a profit (don't take it personally it's just business) here at Unlimited Used Auto Parts we cut out the middlemen so you can go directly to the source by buying your used auto parts at wholesale prices and that source is US. We don't just sell used auto parts here in Orlando Florida but were also a salvage yard (junkyard) that buys used cars from the auction or off our customers so if your a customer looking to sell your unwanted vehicle gives us a call we pay top dollar for that unwanted car and we also offer FREE TOWING. Back to used auto parts we thoroughly test each vehicle that goes through rigorous 20 point inspected in many situations these cars aren't running, however we also inspect our used auto parts becfore selling them to the general public so you can rest asure that your getting a quality part by buying used parts from Unlimited Used Auto Parts we eliminate that middlemen which $SAVES$ YOU our customers big $SAVINGS$ of up to 200% on used auto parts and on top of that you can $SAVE$ even more money by pulling your own part. Were also one of the few Used Parts stores that don't charge a cover charge (walk-in fee) that's right NO WALK IN FEE here at Unlimited Used Auto Parts.

What Clients Say?

Christine and the team at Unlimited were awesome today, I needed a front and rear bumper for a Nissan Xterra and they even helped me get some tough bolts off the sub bumper. I picked up a few other parts I didnt originally go to get and had no issues. The prices were definitely reasonable and fair and I couldn't recommend them enough.

Jonathan Green

Friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Reasonable prices

Dale Dexter

Helping me out a lot Thanks again

Isaiah albu

This is my to go junk yard. Never had a problem, owner is helpful and nice. Okay prices Thanks again

Bumbi FiftyZ

Called for a part, they were SUPER helpful and although they didn't carry it they referred me to two other shops who did! Awesome customer service!! Thanks again

Elizabeth Schmidt

Great service was easy, I called asked for the specific part I needed. Received the information I asked about easy quality customer service. I forgot my tools at home and asked if they could loan me tools they tried to help with what they could and ended getting the part with my own tools but will defiantly come back if I need parts.

Michael Gonzales

Lots of variety in cars they are on car-part also

Eric Campbell